Dark Sacred Night

Dark Sacred Night

Book - 2018
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Jan 16, 2019

I am avid fan of Michael Connolley and have read every book he has written. With each new novel published I’ve wondered if he would be able to sustain his high standard of writing and momentum. His plots are always fresh, interesting, and well written with unique, well developed characters. In his last novel, “The Late Show” published in 2017, he introduced a dynamic new character, Renée Ballard. I was hesitant when I began the book wondering if the new character would capture my attention. I found I was engrossed with her character’s background, pleasantly surprised how quickly I embraced her. She is a wonderful, realistic, tough, female protagonist, a great role model for women. I looked forward to another in this series and was excited to get my hands on “Dark Sacred Night,” recently published. In this second in series, I found Harry Bosch to be very bland. The plot centered on solving a “cold case” and it was neither suspenseful or fast paced. I was disappointed in Connelley’s lack of character development of Renée. I found myself losing focus, something that has never happened to me before when reading any of his previous works.
Not Connelley’s best work. I hope the next novel in this series has much more complexity of characters, thrill and suspense. Michael Connelley has been the gold standard in his genre, and I hope that this novel is an anomaly.

Jan 06, 2019

Updated with quotes today...

2nd novel on the amazing case works of the lone wolf Hollywood Homicide detective Renée Ballard (The Late Show 2017) whose character was inspired by the real LAPD Robbery-Homicide detective Mitzi Roberts. Not great as The Late Show but a good read when Ballard decided to team up with Bosch on an Open-Unsolved "hobby case" while juggling her busy and sometimes dangerous workload.

Jan 05, 2019

My first read of 2019 and I enjoyed another Harry Bosch story. I like that Michael paired Bosch up with Ballard. It's always interesting how the crime gets solved. I thought it was one person and it ended up being another. Harry Bosch is always an entertaining read.

Jan 04, 2019

Connelly just keeps getting better and better. Ballard was a wonderful addition to the cast, and Ballard and Bosch make a wonderful combination. After a few experiences of dipping in to a series I've liked in the past and feeling disappointed, it was wonderful to be swept up into this story and enjoy it so much. I look forward to more Ballard and Bosch.

Jan 03, 2019

Not his best work. Surprised it's a bestseller. Stopped reading after about 50 pages.

Jan 02, 2019

Easy read. Doubtful that real police clear crimes so easily, and I'm especially skeptical that two police were rescued from certain death in the nick of time. Definitely NOT for a book club discussion. Too little substance.

Dec 23, 2018

I have read all of the Harry Bosch series that Michael Connelly wrote. Since I have read so many of his books this book was an easy read as almost all his characters I already knew by heart as well as their characteristics. I find that Michael Connelly with almost every Harry Bosch that there is always a dirty cop involved, a cop who is incompetent, Harry is always bordering the line of right and wrong during his investigation and he pushes the limits, that multiple murders are solved by the end of the story, and Harry ends up getting the perve. I notice that Ballard has a lot of similar characteristics as Harry although she is much younger. I rate this book as a five although I do not believe it is his best work. But Michael still does not let you down as you become entwine with his imagination and the illusion of the story.

PimaLib_ChristineR Dec 15, 2018

I really dug the Bosch/Ballard combo. This second Ballard really shows the difference in the characters as well as their workloads. Following Ballard means all sorts of different cases all the time. Connelly does a good job of coming from a woman's perspective as well.

"Murder was murder, and Ballard knew that every case deserved the full attention and effort of the police department. But Ballard was always struck by the murder of a woman... [There was] something unfair that went beyond the general unfairness of death at the hands of another. She wondered how men would live if they knew that in every moment of their lives, their size and nature made them vulnerable to the opposite sex."

Ballard helps Bosch with the open-unsolved case of the murder of the daughter of an addict he met undercover in his last outing. I find that Bosch is more likeable as he ages, more likely not to make assumptions, more empathetic, and more willing to admit his own mistakes. For a suspense procedural, this was also a very thoughtful and at times heartbreaking novel. Connelly may have signed a deal with satan to get these out so quickly but I want to reassure him, it was worth it.

Dec 08, 2018

Expected great stuff from Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch in DARK SACRED NIGHT and so much more! Great crime story with Bosch following up on cold-cases. Only this time, his work (and sort of out of the box a mini-rogue behavior) leads him to cross paths with a another detective (also a bit out of the box and mini-rogue). The two become entwined in working their separate cases throughout, while working together on a cold-case important to Bosch. Apparently, Connelly intends for this relationship to continue as they (the two detectives) agree to stay in touch and work cases together in their spare time. The new Bosch 'partner' is named Renee Ballard. Oh, and it says on the cover of the book that this is A BALLARD AND BOSCH novel, which made me wonder for a short bit if I had missed a previous novel. PS - I don't read the cover descriptions of books - obviously. Enjoy!

Dec 08, 2018

well-crafted, fast read. was it emotionally resonant? no, but it was enjoyable enough like a big plate of gooey nachos. a fun treat, but not necessarily something you want every day.

Dec 07, 2018

I have been a very big fan of Mr. Connelly and have read every single Harry Bosch novel (29 of them?) that he wrote including the Lincoln Lawyer ones.
I was looking forward eagerly to this one and got on the list early and was among the first batch of VPL readers to get their copy and read it in three days.
I found it un-satisfying. It was as if Bosch was behind an opaque screen, or out of focus. I could not sense him clearly in the book. The whole book seemed watered-down, somewhat bland despite some exciting situations for Harry and the other main character, Det. Renee Ballard.
Perhaps Mr. Connelly's creative energies are being expended in the Amazon Prime Video series about Harry entitled, "Bosch" of which he is Executive Producer to the detriment of his writing.

Dec 06, 2018

This book is so bad that I’m certain Connelly didn’t write it, and I doubt he even read it. Connelly writes books that are tight and keep you reading. This one is so larded with explanations of past events that it is tedious. I read 15% of it and returned it

Dec 05, 2018

Always love Harry Bosch!! I have been addicted to this series for 25 years. Kristi & Abby Tabby

Dec 02, 2018

Harry Bosch has promised Elizabeth Clayton that he will solve the disappearance of her runaway teen daughter, Daisy. When he links up with Renee Ballard their unorthodox working relationship has them both treading 'crossing the line' as police officers and risking their lives.

So many plot twists that the book raced by and made it hard to put down.

32nd Connelly novel and 23rd in the Bosch series.

Nov 19, 2018

I liked this book...saw a more human Bosch. I liked the ending, too. More collaboration to come it seems......

Hillsboro_ChrisK Nov 14, 2018

If I’m counting correctly, Dark Sacred Night is Connelly’s 23rd novel starring LA detective Harry Bosch. There have been a few dud novels on the way (you have my permission to skip 2009’s Nine Dragons) but the series has held up remarkably well over time since 1992’s The Black Echo. Last year, Connelly introduced a new series and detective Renee Ballard with his book The Late Show. Dark Sacred Night brings Bosch and Ballard together as they unravel two cases. The narrative trades back and forth between the two in an interesting fashion. Connelly does a great job contrasting how the two characters think about and approach the problem with this structure. Some crime novels are better than others at hiding the moving parts. In some, you can see the scenery creaking into place and the bad guy lurking in the wings. At his best, Connelly’s books are real magic shows: compelling, complex and seamless storytelling. While Dark Sacred Night may not be entirely perfect (A character is introduced so that he can give one piece of information then is completely dropped. It reminded me of a 1930s movie where they spin a bunch of newspapers on to the screen so that the headlines can give you important information without wasting valuable screen time.), it will still be one of the best crime novels you will read this year.

Nov 11, 2018

Disappointed with this one of Connellys. Oh, the thriller/police procedural stuff is there; the new partner is gnarley, etc. etc. What I miss is the writing quality, the asides of Bosch's philosophy and, in general, the sense of place. I'll give him (them?) one more chance... next book.

Nov 04, 2018

How I love this series! The Black Echo was the book that got me totally hooked on crime/detective books. Even though I have read books by many different authors since then, the Harry Bosch novels hold a special place in my heart. I love the addition of Renee Ballard to the cast of characters in Michael Connelly's books, and putting Renee with Harry Bosch was brilliant! I like the fact that neither of them had to settle for secondary roles in this book. Neither is the type to leave a case behind when their shift is done. Like Bosch, she has an intensity about her and her never-quit, follow-a-case-no-matter-where-it-leads attitude is something Bosch has embodied for three decades. Even though this book went back and forth between the characters' perspective, which is something I normally dislike, he did so in such a manner that totally worked. I can't wait to read more of anything this author chooses to write!!

Oct 30, 2018

Please add the digital versions of this book - both ebook (Kindle) and downloadable audiobook.
Thank you

JCLGreggW Sep 17, 2018

Another winner by best-in-the-business Connelly, who introduces Harry Bosch to late shift Hollywood Station detective Renée Ballard, who helps on a cold case murder that gets personal. The two form a powerful team that'll keep Connelly's fans - and first timers - satisfied.

Jun 14, 2018

Please place a hold on this book for me. I inadvertently clicked on "Cancel hold" and now cannot add it. Thank you....Robert Bayliss

debwalker Apr 29, 2018

Another cold case investigation with Bosch partnering with Renee Bullard. Knew that would happen.

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