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With his faithful friend Jiminy Cricket by his side, a wooden puppet embarks on fantastic adventures that test his bravery, loyalty, and honesty until he triumphs in his quest for his heart2s desire: to become a real boy.
Publisher: Burbank, CA : Buena Vista Home Entertainment, ©2017.
Characteristics: 1 bllu-ray disc (approximately 88 min.) :,sound, color ;,12 cm
digital, optical, surround, 7.1 DTS-HD MA, 7.1 DTS-HDHR, 5.1 Dolby digital, rda
video file, Blu-ray, 1080p high definition, region A, region B, region C, rda


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Nov 08, 2018

The story progresses so simply that one is simply swept by it, but, a little thought and the whole thing seems wild and doesn't make any sense. Pinocchio is merely naïve and trusting, is duped, and is so embarrassed that he then lies, but it is miraculously cured by the same fairy that gave him life (though not a real life, for he was not yet a real boy); the second half is odd: what is the point of the whale? how much time has actually elapsed? The end result, that Pinocchio becomes a real boy due to his conduct after the post-fairy intervention, seems to be the whole point of the film. This movie, based on a tale by Collodi (other Disney films are based on folktale by Perrault), would benefit the viewer if they were read (unfortunately, they didn't just provide a copy of the story to be read on screen in the DVD).

Oct 16, 2018

I liked this Disney cartoon DVD. The graphics were great! The story and lesson was fabulous! It is good for all ages. The whale scene may be scary for the young child. I like the music! This story: Woodcarver Geppetto (G) has pets Figaro the cat and Cleo the fish. He has just made a little wooden puppet called Pinocchio (P). Wishing upon a star before he goes to bed, Geppetto wishes that Pinocchio would become a real boy. As Geppetto sleeps, the Blue Fairy arrives and partially grants his wish. Pinocchio can come to life, but he must prove himself worthy before becoming a real boy. He will require some guidance, and Jiminy Cricket (JC) agrees to act as his conscience. After some unfortunate incidents, Pinocchio finds himself in trouble. The wolf (W) and the cat (C) sell P to a mean marionette show man. This man locks P in a cage so he can‘t escape. The Blue Fairy (BF) appears. Pinocchio lies to her and his nose grows. He is forgiven, but warned not to lie again. P escapes. On the way home, The W & C talk P into going to Pleasure Island. This is where boys are turned into donkeys. The island owner sells the donkeys to the mines to work in. P barely escapes the island. P still has his donkey ears and tale. P finally arrives home with JC; but G has left the house to find P. The BF tells P that G is in the whale at the bottom of the ocean. P and JC save G, the cat and the fish from the whale. They all make it home safely finally. P has proven to be honest and brave to the BF; thus, while G slept P became a real boy.

Aug 11, 2018

A cute, animated story about a puppet without strings and his pal, Jiminy Cricket.

Jul 19, 2018

The first scene in Pinocchio that truly impressed me is when he performed in that circus act. The music is so fun and the various gags throughout it so inventive and beautifully animated. It's also the first time we get a sense of Pinocchio himself as a character, after a somewhat drawn out opening with the (IMO) more boring Gepetto. I was impressed again by the Pleasure Island donkey sequence, in how imaginatively cruel yet "real" it felt as a threat to the hero, pretty unique for a Disney movie where protagonists are surrounded by death and depravity but rarely fall victim to it. That Pinoke actually starts to grow those ears and the tail adds to this aspect immensely. And despite how moralizing the movie really is, the movie never feels too square or peachy to not buy into its narrative. The final act is of course excellent as well. To critique, there are some narrative stumblings (Pinoke's nose takes up most of a scene and is never relevant again, the bird telling them where Gepetto is, and other conveniences). And, maybe this is letting them get away with writing-murder, but somehow that all helps it feel more like a fantasy.

marycatlyons Apr 30, 2018

Like all good little Disney-loving kids, I watched Pinocchio when I was a wee thing, but it's been years since I have seen it, and never as an adult. So long, in fact, that I'd forgotten how all the different parts tie together to make the movie whole. I figured, why not? Holy macaroni, I never realized how twisted this movie actually is. Just wow. Still a Disney classic, but there are definitely some innuendos that blew my mind, and the scene with the kids and the donkeys? Forget it. I was practically in a fetal position in the corner. I guess my mind had just repressed this horror of a movie. But still, it's a Disney classic!

CarlitoQuinones Mar 21, 2018

My favorite animated movie of all time! This movie pushed the boundaries of animation to the limit and past it, inventing many innovations that influenced and changed the future of animation forever, and propelling the company to the brink of bankruptcy.

Mar 15, 2018

Hello, darlings! - Wow! A puppet without strings.

Released in 1940 - This animated, Disney production is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Jan 17, 2018

When You Wish Upon a Star.... In this timeless Walt Disney classic from 1940 - A wooden puppet made by a lonely, old wood-carver named Geppetto gets the chance to become a real boy (thanks to the Blue Fairy).

Pinocchio is one of those rare, animated motion pictures that can be enjoyed over and over again by adults as well as by children.

If, as a grown-up, you remember Pinocchio as being just a "kid's show" - Watch it again. You'll be wonderfully surprised to see how truly entertaining it really is.

Pinocchio was brilliantly animated without the trickery of CGI. It also contains some very memorable musical numbers.

Nov 02, 2017

Saw the entire movie for the first time. Boy oh boy is it ever good.

I just borrowed this DVD from the library i love the movie Pinocchio there are a lot of funny parts of the movie like when the cat gets scared and jumps under jepetos night gown jepeto says to Pinocchio oh Pinocchio how did you get down there i fell down he said and jepeot said oh your talking and he says no no no no wake me up wake me up and than he dumps a bucker of water on his face and says now will see who dreaming now say something and Pinocchio says gge your funny do it again and when the cat hicups in his drink and it goes all over his face thats funny and when Aunes Jhon listens to his heart whlie thumping on a rock or something and cans to make it look like he has a heart and when he shows the cat the words he has written down and when the cat opened his eyes he took it away thats funny you can't say it's not funny and i think it's funny when Geppetto goes out side to look for Pinocchio again he says and remeber nobody eats a bite and when he close the door the cats starts to eat and the golden fish makes bubbles and says no with her finger and the cat shakes his head and looks up straight and with his eyes wide open that is funny to me aways just that little part of the movie but it's all because my little brother thought it was funny for all these years i never thought it was funny untill my brother laughed and shock his head like a cat and putted his arms crossed together and at the end when jepeto trys to catch all the fishes to get out of the whale he pulls Pinocchio without evan noticing him and Pinocchio is calling out to him and he says don't bother me now Pinocchio i am busying oh Pinocchio PINOCCHIO my son and he tryes to hug him but insted he hugs a fish and Pinocchio says Fathure here i am uh oh Pinocchio and he jumps into his fathers arms and he hugs his son and sets him down on a box and his son is trying to tell him something but his father is talking away and when he takes out his hat he notices donkey ears oh and Pinoccho does not know what to say whats the matter thoese ears what oh these thats nothing i got a tale too he laughs and than a sound of a docky is coming out and his dad says whats happened to you well i huh i oh never mind that Jepeto says it's good to see you son and his son gets to see Fegaro the cat and cleio the fish i watched Pinocchio scince i was a little girl in 2001 when i barrowed from the Waterford library on VHS but i always had one Pinocchio video but it was very old and it was not disney but it was a very good movie and i still have it i should say i keep it downstars i keep all my movies downstars not upstars oh yes did you know that in Pinocchio and show white they pray i just watched snow white recently last week she is praying so grumpy would like her instead of being grumpy at her and mean and in Pinocchio his dad prays for him to get better so he would't die and than he becomes a real boy and the fairy lights upon Pinocchio and says proven yourslef truthful wordly and unselfish and someday you will be a real boy Awake Pinocchio awake and then he asks his dad why he is crying Jepeto says because your dead Pinocchio now lye down no his son says no i'm not and i'm real i'm a real boy your alive you are a real boy and jimany jumps up says yepe and to celabrate he puts on music for Pinocchio and tells him to play one and jimmany cricket thanks the fariy for making his wish come true he derives to be a real boy and than a light shines bright jimany does not know whats going on and than he gets a star bage with his name on it well i think it's swell he says and thats the end of Pinocio.

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