The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Blu-ray Disc - 2018
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Audrey and Morgan are best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who dumped her was actually a spy.
Publisher: Toronto : EOne Films, [2018]
Edition: Blu-ray widescreen version.
Characteristics: 1 Blu-ray disc (117 min.) :,sound, colour ;,12 cm.
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Mar 21, 2019

This film is essentially an action comedy. Mila Kunis and Kate Mckinnon (which are the main characters), have this connections with each other that makes it more realistic and most of the dialogue between the two is not scripted that it’s like right off top. Unfortunately not a lot of the comedy that lands for me, there are few times that I laugh, I admit. As for the actions it is a hard art film, there’s lot of blood, and a lot of actions, and it was unexpected how much actions was in it, for the fact it’s a comedy but had lots of actions on in. Some scenes that I have trouble with are those flashbacks that I hardly to follow it. But overall, it’s not a bad movie and it’s not quite good. I probably gonna range it in a middle average. So if you’re planning to watch this, don’t get your hopes high. 2/5 Stars. @moviefanatic of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Mar 14, 2019

A fun release from my normal viewing of foreign television detective and crime dramas. Good action scenes and story line.

Mar 09, 2019

Bad acting, bad script and too much swearing. Awful and forgettable.

i watched it in testhers I Sarted watching it today after Incredibles 2 When i saw a show i said do we know this show my brother said yes it looked fimiler my brother said it was called Alf everyone laughed she threw her underwair inthe fire she said f word you wipe your own ass they laughed i said wow he just punched the wall wjen she said she didn't really mean shut it remined me of Princess Dairries to shut up doesn't always mean shut up it means all my cheepers and shut up mean bed it would me waging wisdum i have the 2ed one on vhs and the 1 one on DVD when she said Celin Dieaon i said i have some cds Lets Talk about Love The color of my love unson one love falling into you decade to you One Heart volume one A New Day Has Come Live In Las Vegas Celine Dieon Taking Chances with a DVD These are Specail Times My Love Ultimate Essentail collection the color of my love .

Feb 17, 2019

Extraordinarily average.

JCLHeatherM Feb 12, 2019

Lifelong besties Audrey and Morgan travel the globe when Audrey's ex-boyfriend leaves her in possession of critical information. The film tries to be a buddy-spy film but ends up falling short with more style than substance (graphic violence). If Kate McKinnon keeps churning out films like this one, she'd be better off sticking to her day job at Saturday Night Live.

Feb 09, 2019

A hilarious comedy with a slight twisted sick sense of humor. A worth while comedy to watch.

Feb 02, 2019

Entertaining, but not memorable. It may be good for the younger crowd.

Jan 28, 2019

I actually really like Mila Kunis and keep hoping to find a good movie with her in it. Unfortunately this isn't it. Just like other movies she is in she really gives it her all but it is brought down by horrible scripts and bad acting of her co-stars (in this case Kate McKinnon - she was SO over the top that it wasn't even funny, it was annoying and distracting). The idea could have been good. Unfortunately I have to recommend to not waste your time watching this.

Jan 19, 2019

Like so many of Mila Kunis' recent efforts, a mediocre movie that tries not to work too hard for a laugh. Okay if you have nothing better to do.

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Dec 17, 2018

Only a few quotes in IMDb this morning. More here:

"My boyfriend dumped me in a text message." How do I explain that?
No. I'm a really bad liar.
-I know, 'cause you ramble. You give too many details. And then people know that you're lying. You have to be concise about it.
You know, you guys make such a surprising couple. Like, if I didn't meet him as your boyfriend, I would assume he'd be dating someone more... Like, edgy. Like a cool girl. Like a model. But then I see you two together, and it's like, "Aw, this works too."
This is my best friend. She's having a bad night. Can you just use your aggressive masculinity for good instead of for evil?

Dec 17, 2018

It's a figure of speech. I don't know if you do that in England.
-What? Figures of speech?
- Yeah. We invented that.
Like if he went to Vassar, why does he pronounce it "liberry"?
Trust me.
-I don't trust anyone anymore.
You trust me though, right?
-Yes, of course, I trust you. You don't count.
Do you wanna die having never been to Europe? Or do you wanna go to Europe and die having been to Europe?
-Why are those my only two options?
Don't be nervous. People get caught when they're not confident.
They play this kind of stuff in Europe all the time. It's like the whole continent just said, "You know what? I love 1994. Let's just stay here."

Dec 17, 2018

Fear is an illusion!
They're idiots. I know an idiot when I see one.
Oh, that's my sister.
- Really?
Not my biological sister, but my de facto sister.
- Oh.
Yeah. She wouldn't want you to know this, but she lost her virginity really late, so she's, like, hungry for it. You know what I mean?
I mean, the only animal cruelty involved in that is what the wine guy charges me.
No. Your dad would be furious at us for breaking a million international laws.
-No. He's not gonna be mad. He wasn't mad when I tried cocaine with my basketball coach. He wasn't mad at me when I got deported from Belize. He didn't get mad when I invited that teenage magician to live in my grandma's condo.
Oh, yeah. What ever happened to him?
Targets are two dumb American women.

Dec 17, 2018

Why are you using the turn signal? You're literally telling them where we're going.
Older men, they gravitate toward me.
- Okay.
They love me.
- Oh, God.
They want this. If that makes them weird then my SAT math tutor was weird, our landlord is weird.
- He's weird.
Mandy Patinkin is weird.
And look at that art. Doesn't look like she's enjoying herself too much.
-Sometimes the sweetest pleasure comes when you're not enjoying yourself.
I had braces for nine years. My orthodontist published a paper.
Trust me that I'm a terrible, terrible liar. Everybody knows when I'm lying. I can't lie.
-Me, too. I've never kept a secret in my life. Secrets are poison.

Dec 17, 2018

I'll tell you anything that you wanna know about her. 'Cause I know it all. She texts and drives. She does it all the time. She Instagrams on the freeway. She hashtags it "driving."
Morgan stole her dad's pain pills after his surgery and sold them at Coachella.
- I did. Audrey was once babysitting this eight-year-old kid and she flirted with him to get him to go to sleep. His name was Liam. She has sex dreams about Minions. Just the one Minion with the one eye. Is that supposed to be a dick? She googled it on my computer, and now I get a lot of weird ads.
I said I was sorry.
-Audrey shaves between her boobs.
Uh, Morgan kissed her cousin.
- I didn't know it was my cousin.
How you know so much about her? And she about you?
-She's my best friend. We know everything about each other.
Tell us about your best friend. Who is she? What's her name? What does she look like?

Dec 17, 2018

You're the boss? We have a real-life Judi Dench in our midst. You are the boss, and yet you have not sacrificed one ounce of femininity. Why have we been spending all of this time talking to the men, when this being has been floating through the halls of the building? Oh, my God! … That's a compliment. That is the Beyonce of the government. … I have so much respect for you that it has circled around into objectification.
Morgan, your idea of blending in is that outfit?
-Yeah. Do I not look just like a French woman?
I look like a French woman. You look like a French curtain.
-Yeah, 'cause I can hang.
You're a spy. Can't you just hack it?
-Well, they change the password every 24 hours. Even if I had a supercomputer, it'd take days.
I thought that you might not have your AOL account anymore.
-Oh, yeah. I switched to Gmail in '04.
Remember, the best place to hide is somewhere full of suspicious people.

Dec 17, 2018

… crime syndicate. Out of Moscow … Oligarchs, arms dealers, blackmailers, and former gymnastic coaches.
And not that you asked my opinion, but the worst song on that jukebox is Your Body Is a Wonderland.
Because there's one thing that's mightier than the pen, and it's called a fucking handgun!
No one ever remembers what Canadians look like.
It's just we switched places, so if they're looking for a blonde and a brunette, then we're still gonna be a blonde and a brunette.
You're not "a little much."
-I am. I am "a little much." I'm a lot much.
I was gonna say, women can be terrorists too. We can do anything we put our minds to.
Thousand guesses, never would've landed on "thumb."

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Dec 07, 2018

indigo_lion_175 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 13 and 17


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