Plague Ship
Plague Ship A Novel of the Oregon Files By Cussler, Clive Book - 2008

The Plague Ship
There are books that never involve the reader. I’ve read my fair share of them --- or started to at least. Maybe out of a sense of obligation to the topic or genre or the author. Sometimes this sense of obligation made me read more than was reasonable. Well, this is NOT such a book Page three and the book’s got you: hook, line, and sinker. That’s just the kind of writer Cussler is. His story line is compelling and so is the in which he writes it.
The premise of the plot is huge. A most awe-inspiring cult attempts to save humanity from itself and from “breeding itself to death” It will do this by waging bio-warfare with grave consequences against all of humanity. The cold war is over so now the free-market forces must defend the world against this evil cult. And that’s what the story is all about. Their maneuvers are improbable if not outright impossible outside the special effects department. But therein lies the charm of this action-packed testosterone confection.
Clive Cussler is another of those authors who has the gift for spinning an engaging yarn of subterfuge, deceit, derring-do, and to blend this with equal amounts of intrigue, boldness, and audacity. He practices a style of writing perfected by the best practitioners of this craft: the writers for vintage Mission Impossible and 007. Custer has written over thirty books and sold millions of them --- he must know what he’s doing and what the reading public wants. And he delivers again.
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