Origin A Novel By Brown, Dan Book - 2017

Where do we come from?
Where are we going?

Two questions proposed by Edmond Kirsch, Professor Robert Langdon's inventor, futurist, game theorist, and prominent atheist friend. He brings the world together to submit these questions, and ultimately provide a scientific answer to them. Unfortunately, some shady things go down and the presentation is cut short. What unravels afterward is typical author Dan Brown fare; suspense, intrigue, action, adventure, and a whole lot of heady dialogue.

If you've read or watched other Dan Brown offerings, you are aware that the "Robert Langdon" series deals heavily with themes of religion vs history/science. Origin brings this conversation to the direct center of the book. Brown's narrative is built around the mystery of what the character Edmond Kirsch was going to bring to light. Langdon goes on a journey to release the information, accompanied by the future queen of Spain... Seriously.

In my personal opinion, this book has a lot of elements that Brown executes on at a very high level. His drama, adventure, and suspense hold up against with the best. Although his prose is monotonous at times, he makes up for it in action and continuous plot momentum.

Where I feel like I have to give a small push back is the inherent nature of the book. Edmond Kirsch is a passionate atheist, bent on his discovery eliminating religion and making way for science to rule the land. Without divulging too much information, I feel like the climax of finding out what his discovery is doesn't give religion the "knock out punch" Kirsch hoped for. But, that's coming from some one with a pretty deep faith background.

Anyway, this book is fun and totally worth a read!

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