The husband:
See that woman, Bono? Love this woman. I love her so much it hurts. I love her so much that if you run out of ways to love her. So I need to get back to basics. Don't come knocking here Monday morning. I'm going to be working hard.
When I first met this woman, I got out that place. Hitch up my pony. Saddle up my mare. There's a woman out there for me somewhere. I looked at here, looked at there, saw Rose, and I latched on to her. I latched on to her and I told her... Now, I'm gonna tell you the truth. I latched on to her and told her, "Baby, I don't want to marry. I just want to be your man." Rose told me... Tell him what you told me, Ro.
-I told him if he wasn't the marrying kind, then move out of the way, so the marrying kind could find me.
That's what she told me, "Nigger, you in my way. You blocking the view. Move out the way, so I can find me a husband."

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