Discovered Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series in 2000, and happily, was in a time & place where I could easily catch up--read the first six novels in sequence. Knew I had stumbled onto something special.

Nine years later, read what I consider the very best book in this series, Nine Dragons, which chronicles Harry's desperate search in Hong Kong for his abducted daughter. Unparalleled.

Two Kinds of Truth comes close to that 2009 entry. Here are some reasons why:
1. Harry's works through two cases simultaneously, and one of them impacts him personally.
2. The book brings Harry into contact in a very meaningful way with his half-brother, defence attorney Mickey Haller ("The Lincoln Lawyer"). It's been years since the last instalment in that series, so this was a very welcome surprise. This means the book also includes a major courtroom drama.
3. This book brings together a host of long-time supporting players, two former LAPD partners, a meaningful contribution from Cisco, Mick's investigator and his old friend, retired counsellor "Legal Stiegel."
4. One of the cases involves a little-know but fascinating timely topic: a made-in-the-USA illicit drug operation.
Wow. They'd don't come much better than this.

Highly recommended.

Note: beware! Following comments include many spoilers. You might want to stop reading now and just click "Place a hold."

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