Twisted Prey
Twisted Prey A Lucas Davenport Novel By Sandford, John Large Print - 2018

The psychopathic Minnesota Senator Taryn Grant and U.S. Marshall Lucas Davenport have faced off before in a murderous duel in the book Silken Prey. The best one can say is that is was a draw between the two.
But now Grant is becoming more powerful and is eyeing the White House. Holding on to her coattails, I mean skirts, are members of a private and lethal military contracting company. Fortunately, they aren’t completely successful in their assignment to eliminate another senator but they draw the attention of Davenport. Always a big mistake.
With whip smart dialogue, returning characters and a logical but a twisting plot, the fast moving Twisted Prey is a pleasure to read. A pleasure, but I have a few problems.
I’m not sure I understand why Davenport would need to use a computer maven to do research on the deep web. Davenport built his fortune on designing web games; you would think he would keep up with the computer world. I’m confused also; if he was trying to hide where the information was coming from, as to why he wasn’t allowed to do this kind of research.
I also found it annoying that Flowers and Kidd would show up for very minor appearances. A couple of paragraphs? Really? Why bother?
I’m also confused about all of the Marshals in this book. U.S.Marshals are politically appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. There are very few of them. Most people who work for the Marshal’s service are Deputy U.S. Marshals. In theory Davenport could be a Marshall, but I doubt the rest of the Marshals that show up are actually Marshals, more like Deputy Marshals. Stuff like this really bothers me in a book.
I’m also confused by why if the first person they plan to arrest is killed that they wouldn’t go eyes on with their next subjects. Oh come on, that’s not a spoiler, its obvious early on that he is a red shirt.
If y’all think I am being a bit bitchy about minor plot holes, think about this being book 28. This is a hugely popular series for very good reasons. Carelessness makes no sense.
Set mostly in the Washington DC area, Sandford amusingly portrays the disdain that most hold for the area. He managed to get in some terrific shots at the current political climate too.
Everyone is fair game in this book. Big mistake, because Davenport is nothing if not Machiavellian.

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