I loved the first book, and I thought The Further Accidental Adventures of the 100-Year-Old Man was hilarious!! The previous book was a romp through history; the new book covers the past few years. Allan is up to his old tricks, changing history as he interacts with Kim Jung-un, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Margot Wallstrom, and other world leaders. The author emphasizes this in his Foreword: “I can not stress enough that this is a novel about recent and present events. A novel. Or make-believe, as my grandfather used to say.” . . .

“Several of the characters in this book go by their real names, but I want to make sure that you never forget that I have, in the spirit of my dear grandfather, made up what these potentates say and do in the novel. What they say and do in reality, however, is something neither I nor my grandfather can take responsibility for.”

Now I know that the past few years have not been that enjoyable for most of us, but this book is great fun! Frankly, I wish at least some of this book were true!

I think this book would be more enjoyable if you have read the first book (which is also very good); the sequel refers back to many events of the prior book. Also, reading the first book will make you more familiar with the characters and with the Swedish sense of humor, which I have grown to love.

I know this will sounds like sacrilege, but I also think you could read this book on its own, without having read the prior book. You will miss out on the funny references to the prior book, but we all lived through recent events, and I think everyone would enjoy this book! And we all need something to laugh about in these dark times!

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