At last, given up on your plays to distract the mob from our Lord.
-Does the lark song distract you from your God, John?
Of course not. It is evidence of God.
-Ah. Well, then, perhaps for some, I was the lark.
You spent so long putting words into other people's mouths, you think it only matters what is said.
Did she seek comfort elsewhere?
-Susanna's a God-fearing woman. She would not betray her husband.
Well, maybe it isn't a betrayal.
Well, maybe he told her to do it. Well, it's a thought, isn't it?
--And frankly, Father, if you got a grandson by it, would you care if it were true?
-I care that Susanna is free from slander. That, you may be sure, is true.

Nothing is ever true.
If you want to be a writer, then speak to others and for others. Speak first for yourself. Search within. Consider the contents of your own soul, your humanity. And if you're honest with yourself, then whatever you write, all is true.

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