The only thing that kept me powering through this mess of a book was my undeniable love for the first book. The Wise Man's Fear is almost 1000 pages and countless hours of reading about effectively NOTHING. There is barely a millimeter of plot advancement after The Name of the Wind. If the third book ever comes out you could genuinely read the first book, skip this one, and read the third without having missed anything of great consequence. Alternatively, reading the plot summary at will give you everything you will need and you can skip this book entirely. The only reason to read this book at all is for Rothfuss' magnificent prose, and it's not even worth it for that.

I don't want to go on a big tangent about how much I dislike this book so I'll keep it short. Before we part I have a couple things to say:
1. I hate Denna. Eff you, Pat. I wanted to like Denna. I really liked her when Kvothe first met her on the way out of Tarbean but you ruined her. She got bad in TNoTW but she got a million times worse in this one.
2. I HATE FELURIAN. WHY did you do that?! WHy?! It was so unnecessary. I wasted part of my life on that long-winded completely pointless and horrible sexcapade! Unforgivable. It made me so angry! I am seething with rage.
3. I loved Kvothe, but now I'm starting to dislike him. His start, his motivations could have made such a good story but it is RUINED. I don't know if the third book could ever save this series or the character of Kvothe but I sure as shit hope it does.
4. I LOVE Elodin. If you wrote a whole book about him I can't see myself rating it any less than 4-5 stars. Seriously. Getting a taste of him in this book and then leaving to go on one of the most pointless journeys in all of the literature was truly a painful experience. Elodin, Auri, Celean, Bast, and the prose are pretty much all of what saved this book from being 1 star.

In conclusion: You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

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