George Gates is a local reporter, a former travel writer now mostly charged with writing fluff pieces for the local paper. His boy, Teddy, was kidnapped and murdered some years earlier, leaving George with a gaping hole in his heart and a desperate yearning for hope- the hope that one day the killer will be caught. He randomly encounters Arlo McBride one evening at his favourite bar. Arlo is a retired Detective unable to let go of the one case he could never make sense of: the disappearance of Katherine Carr.
Arlo provides George with a strange tale about a missing recluse who worked as a writer. She left behind a curious story she wrote (one that seems like it might be her own) that might hold clues to her disappearance. Another newspaper assignment also leads George to Alice Burrows, a twelve-year-old girl dying of a rare illness. George and Alice team up to read Katherine’s tale and try to untangle the mystery that surrounds the unknown.

This is a gripping tale that is beautifully written, a narrative voice that is piercing and fierce.
Four stars (out of five).

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