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barkisaz made a comment Sep 16 2018
"If you like Chesterton's Father Brown stories or his Catholic essays you might like this phantasmagorical romp. You have to wait until the end to find out what's going on and then re-read it to appreciate its brilliance. Favorite quote: " H..." Permalink
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Sep 16 2018
"Wow! This book is just amazing! I thought one thing was true, and the exact opposite was the actual truth. This book made me think about society and judgment in a new way. Of course, there were also some very funny scenes with the detectives, ..." Permalink
barkisaz rated a title Sep 16 2018
barkisaz made a comment Sep 14 2018
"Tremendous story of growing up. And the illustrations!! Beautiful. No wonder this is a classic." Permalink
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