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workhorse6491 made a comment Sep 13 2018
"This book is an amusing look at "alternative lives" of the former Prez and Vice Prez as they join together to solve the mysterious death of an Amtrak conductor who Biden knows... from daily commuting during his Senate/Congress days. It'..." Permalink
workhorse6491 rated a title Sep 08 2018
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workhorse6491 made a comment Sep 08 2018
"As usual I marvel at Alex's ability to burn up gasoline; but this time he's all over the place: SW and the Midwest heartland and not crisscrossing the Upper Peninsula. Engaging if bloody thriller where Alex does his best... suffering and prevaili..." Permalink
workhorse6491 made a comment Aug 15 2018
"An unusual premise: the author as character, but the momentum of the story makes you stick with it... and then the ending... sort of the-butler-did-it. Did laugh a bit. Well worth your time zipping through it. One reviewer said not for "co..." Permalink
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Aug 09 2018
"It seems more and more mysteries are actually thrillers in disguise. Experienced mystery readers will likely find the culprit to these crimes relatively easily. While the main character and her convoluted family issues provide a relatively solid f..." Permalink
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