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Murderless Mysteries
"Ever notice how when we say "mystery" we almost always mean "murder mystery"? The following novels are that rare breed of mystery that don't focus on a killing, providing sometimes-quirky takes on this favorites of genres! Enjoy!"
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Serial or Cereal?
"If the first "serial" caught your eye than you're a true crime fan & you know the difference. Go beyond 'Helter Skelter' and 'In Cold Blood' with these wicked reads."
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"Absolutely loved this one. It ended very suddenly and unexpectedly, but couldn't put it down." Permalink
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Puzzle Me This...
"If you love solving mysteries & puzzles when you read or you're just longing for the days when you stayed up late to read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, these juvenile mysteries are sure to tweak your interest at any age."
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