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Dec 13 2018
DVD - 2018
"Message is don't mess with the tough logging Braven family who are capable and prepared to fend off intruders in their lives. While the script was about a take-no-prisoner invasion of a remote cabin, the actions are so-so and the few twists seem m..." Permalink
Shellie1_us made a comment Dec 11 2018
"Bad, mad and dangerous to know, Harold and Kumar. Their side kicks often end up messed up. Harold and Kumar are always funny and the Christmas movie is my favorite. Not for family viewing." Permalink
Shellie1_us rated a title Dec 10 2018
No Offence
DVD - 2018
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Shellie1_us moved a title to their Completed shelf Dec 09 2018
Jason and the Argonauts: Jason, son of the King of Thessaly, sails on the Argo to the land of Colchis to capture the Golden Fleece.
Shellie1_us added a title to their Completed shelf Dec 09 2018
Rose Hill
DVD - 2002
The film portrays Mary Rose, a beautiful young woman who feels restricted by her overly protective adoptive brothers. Later, Mary Rose searches for her real family and must make the most important decision of her young life--to find where her true...
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