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Texas RangerPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Texas RangerPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
Murder in ParadiseThrillersPatterson, JamesBookPAT
PrincessPatterson, JamesBookPAT
PrincessPatterson, JamesBookBKMB PAT
Juror #3Patterson, JamesBookON ORDER
The 17th SuspectPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
The 17th SuspectPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Red AlertPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Red AlertPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
The Black BookPatterson, JamesBookPAT
The Black BookPatterson, JamesLarge PrintBLOCK LGPR PAT
AmbushA Detective Michael Bennett ThrillerPatterson, JamesBookON ORDER
AmbushA Detective Michael Bennett ThrillerPatterson, JamesBookON ORDER
Murder in ParadisePatterson, JamesAudiobook CDCD PAT 9-DISCS
Murder GamesPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Juror #3Patterson, JamesBookON ORDER
Fifty FiftyPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Fifty FiftyPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
Texas RangerPatterson, JamesBookON ORDER
HauntedPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Two From the HeartPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Murder GamesPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
GonePatterson, JamesBookPAT
HauntedPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
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